TeachMeetNZ meets ACCoS

Yesterday I hosted TeachMeetNZ meets ACCoS. TeachMeetNZ is about New Zealand teachers connecting online. The project reflects the research and work of New Zealand educators in action. These live events are convened across all education sectors to address the emerging technologies, trends, and challenges poised to significantly impact teaching and learning.  TeachMeetNZ has been live … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ meets ACCoS

TeachMeetNZ 2015 Session 2

Another fabulous session of TeachMeetNZ has passed. On the live hangout we had eight presenters from around New Zealand. Session Host: Sonya Van Schaijik TimeKeeper: Virginia Kung  Broadcaster and Storify: Monika Kern tuning in from Melbourne. Country Presenters Name Topic Twitter Google+ 1 NZ Stuart Kelly #NCEADigitalEnglish @stuartkellynz +StuartKelly 2 NZ Natasha Walden My Experience as … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ 2015 Session 2

TeachMeetNZ Bloopers and Troopers and where to next.

Yesterday was the second anniversary celebration of TeachmeetNZ. WOW I can hardly believe how fast the past two years have evolved with the project. To anyone who has taken part as a presenter, audience or the support crew, I say thank you. I cannot tell you how far the reach of TeachMeetNZ has been. All … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ Bloopers and Troopers and where to next.

Defining TeachMeetNZ

TeachMeetNZ is a professional learning community and environment that provides asynchronous and synchronous opportunities for New Zealand teachers to connect, collaborate, create and celebrate with other educational professionals beyond their own school communities. First teachers build professional relationships by making connections with each other on twitter and google +. Then they collaborate together as they … Continue reading Defining TeachMeetNZ

TeachMeetNZ running a session

Currently I am learning with Julie Lindsay on Global Educator sessions. Julie is a global educator whose work I had admired from a far for a few years before I had the opportunity of joining a face to face session with her last year in Hawaii. This year I am learning more about running a … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ running a session

TeachMeetNZ CENZ14 A

On Saturday 4 October 2.00- 3.00pm (UT + 13 hrs) http://www.teachmeetnz.wikispaces.com We had a special session for Connected Educators Month. This year a collaborative calendar for October will connect thousands of educators who will be able to engage in free (and freely given) professional learning events, communities and resources. For more information do visit the … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ CENZ14 A

TeachMeetNZ Interface

This article was originaly published in Interface Magazine July 2014 Titled: Where Teachers Meet (Educators involved in TeachMeetNZ in 2013)This post is an update of that article. In 2013, I launched TeachMeetNZ as part of my TeachNZ Sabbatical. A TeachMeet is an organised but informal meeting (in the style of an unconference) for teachers to … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ Interface

TeachMeetNZ Anniversary

First week back at school this term and I was still finishing off TeachMeetNZ Anniversary session.On the 3rd of May we hosted our anniversary session.However the real date that TeachMeetNZ began was on the 4th of May 2013. We had a full house.@MissDtheTeacher @stephen_tpk@gingamusings @kaiako_nz @gmacmanus @chasingalyxOur invited guest was Arjana abfromzwho got up at 4.00am in her timezone to … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ Anniversary

TeachMeetNZ Reflection

Hey amazing NZ tweeps, need you to GH in with presentations for #eduigniterotovegas on Thursday. Who can help? @BeLchick1 @vanschaijik— Annemarie Hyde (@mrs_hyde) April 5, 2014 Recently the above message came to me via twitter from Annemarie Hyde. Of course I responded with a yes and here is my Eduigniterotovegas presentation. I shared about TeachMeetNZ … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ Reflection

Presenting TeachMeetNZ at Eduignite

TeachMeetNZ from Ulimasao Van Schaijik Kia Ora, Talofa and greetings everyone. My name is Sonya Van Schaijik I am a teacher at Newmarket School in Auckland New Zealand. My topic tonight is the Joys of Google Hangout. However it is more about sharing the story around setting up TeachMeetNZ and the people involved. “TeachMeet was … Continue reading Presenting TeachMeetNZ at Eduignite