Today I hosted TeachMeetNZ virtual number two. It has been a busy and productive day. As I reflect on the process I can identify links that I have with each of the presenters. I felt excited with the range of talented educators sharing today and they presented from as far south as Christchurch to as … Continue reading TeachMeetNZ

Reruns and the chance to give a shout out to some tweeps.

On Thursday I sat in a Cafe in Mount Eden waiting for a meeting with colleagues. I had caught the bus in from home. Once seated found out that there was no WIFI. Shock and horror, now what. So I drafted this post using old school as in used a Word document and no I … Continue reading Reruns and the chance to give a shout out to some tweeps.


How this urban Auckland school embraces culture, ecology and technology Role Switch turns student into a teacher of Mandarin language. Beijing Flyer 2018   Trip to Beijing This post is crossposted on ILEP Website. This post featured in TESOLANZ Newsletter Winter 2017 This post featured in Learning Languages Newsletter 3/2017. Essential Resources Achieving Balanced Learning for ELLs ESOL … Continue reading Articles


Please Subscribe to my TeachMeetNZ Channel where I support teachers in sharing their learning. Around the world in nearly 80 days. Citizenship Flat Connections Global Project: A week in the life Hyperconnectivity Core Efellows Hyperconnectivity Eduignite Relationship between Pedagogy and Student Learning using ICT. TeachMeetNZ Festival of Education TeachMeetNZ VLN TeachMeetNZ TKI The Joys of … Continue reading Videos

Bear Breaking off Corn

http://www.cnnuu.com/jianbihua/dongwu/4257.html During my session of Chinese language this week I learnt a new saying ‘狗熊掰  玉米  Gǒuxióng bāi  yùmǐ’ which means Bear breaking off corn. This is explained that the bear gathers corn and stores it under his armpit and we can see what happens as he adds to his stash. It is an analogy … Continue reading Bear Breaking off Corn