Using Audio

I am finding that the more I am teaching using the structure of SOLO taxonomy, the greater results I am having with my students. When I continually think ahead of an audience, I find that my teaching has clarity in procedure.

This week, I audio taped some children’s Maori Pepeha.
To be at extended abstract we agreed that presenting to an audience and having all the other success criteria in place would enable a student to achieve at this level.
( I need to check this out when Pam next comes for a visit.)
Creating the audio allows the flexibility of hearing our pepeha again. The children can then reflect on the sections missing or that can be added to.

We used a microphone and
Microsoft movie maker.
(Download how)

When Narration is stopped, work can be saved in any folder.
On personal reflection:
When I think of all the ways we could use this little beauty in web 2 tools
-.Audio blogs-
-Class radio-
-Slideshows with photos-
Children can be recording their reflections on SOLO. They can prepare a piece of reading aloud as part of their reading activity.
The beauty of audio is that the size is not as great as video.
From personal experience highlights of an event using photos and audio is a lot quicker to edit and create than video.
I found voice thread great yet was not what I wanted to achieve with the audio. As teachers, time is limited so we want something that is at our level of skills. This would be like a pre voice thread activity or a pre video activity.
Yes I love equipment with all the bells and whistles; yet I do believe in exploring the tools we have before going out and purchasing a lot of new equipment.

My next learning is this: I could load the audios straight up. But where and how should the page look like. That is where having continuous dialogue with teachers at my school enables this thinking to take place. I saw, our AP with her thinking in a visual way spread out over a large table. And I thought yes, I can do that too and would like to spread my thinking out electronically. So if people come to see what I doing electronically- my thinking is continually evolving and like Twitter, they will receive a glimpse of where I am on my journey in this space of time.

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