My Bucket List

Some people have a Bucket List. A list of thing they want to do before they die. Some lists are small and some are quite large. One item is to achieve 100

For Inspiration Visit: Bucketlist

11982Go skinny dipping
21984Go whitewater rafting
31984Ride in a helicopter
41987Ride a jet ski
51988Walk the Milford Track
61988Complete Able Tasman Track
71989Learn to ride a motor cycle
81992Decorate a wedding cake
91995Go scuba diving
102002Present in Samoan
112003Take my boys on a road trip
122003Sleep by a river
132003Sleep by the sea
142006Blessed with my Malu
152007Take my boys to Samoa
162007Be in a movie – the Tattooist)
172007Swim with the turtles
182007Start a blog
192007Teach Samoan
202008Go black water tubing
212009Kayak around Rakino
222011Go to Rugby World Cup
232011Be in the Newspaper. Samoa Observer)
242012Sail in a Vaa Tele (Gaulaofa)
252013Visit Finland
262013Go on an O.E
272013Visit Stonehenge
282013Host a Google Hangout
292013Have a random conversation with a stranger in their language (Danish)
302013Visit the Taj Mahal
312014Drink a Singapore Sling at Raffles
322015Visit the Terracota warriors in China
332016Write a book and get it published
342016Visit the Great Wall of China
352017Walk 30,000 steps in one day 23/04/2017, 10/05/2018 Jan 2021
362017Sleep in a tent by myself
362018Visit To Sua in Samoa
372018Learn to make Pani popo April
382018Visit Canada (October)
392019Learn to make Rewena Bread
402020Learn to grow taro
412021Sleep under the stars
422021Photograph a SuperMoon/BloodMoon
Bungy jump
Climb every mountain in Auckland
Complete Otago Rail trail
Complete Tongariro Crossing
Drink a Bloody Mary at Aggies
Gather Palolo
Get my hands tattoed
Go for a fish pedicure
Kayak the Able Tasman
Learn 2000 words in Japanese
Learn 2000 words in Mandarin
Ride in a Fautasi- Samoan Long Boat
Ride in an air balloon
See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland or Canada)
Sky Dive
Bullet Train ride from Shanghai to Beijing
Take my boys to Disneyland
Visit 7 Continents of the world
Visit Rarotonga
Visit Stewart Island
Visit Tahiti
Walk the Auckland Harbour Bridge
Watch the sun rise in Gisborne
Sleep in a tree house
Swing from a rope into a river
Become a Google Certified Trainer
Become a justice of the peace
Loose 100 lbs
Celebrate a white Christmas
Visit Tved in Denmark
Become a Grandma
Visit Antartica
Perform a Plank
Complete a Chin up unaided