Creating Uvatars

I love working with children because they teach me so much. For example
One student shared this link with me and I have been having fun uploading and recreating images using the web tools. The opportunities for art skills are developing as I have been experimenting. For example uploading photos and then rendering them using the charcoal tool will enable a great sketching lesson as the lines are clear to follow. Images can be adapted for uvatars which will enable a cartoon effect for online presence. Backgrounds and clothing can be added as well as some celebrity presence. At this stage, I see that if children uploaded their own images, it is possible to locate the link of the photo. The site does not need a sign in account for general photo editing but one is required for uvatars.
I use a dial up account with a 56k modem and yet still found that uploading and downloading the graphics was not too time consuming.

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