Connected Educator Month

 Ulearn15  CENZ15

October is always a mad month for me.

It is my mum and dad’s birthday. I look after them pretty much full time with help from my two elder sisters. It is my birthday.

This year it was my youngest son’s 21st birthday.

Below was how I spent October including flying to Christchurch for my son’s 21st.

Dates Title Links
Mid September Flat Connections A week in the life, student collaborative project. Flat Connection Site
1 Oct Launched EdBookNZ collaborative project EdBookNZ Wiki
3 Oct TeachMeetNZ google Hangout with TMSydney

Co Host with Matt Esterman

Google Hangout
7 Oct Present Ulearn, live stream Presentation
29 Oct Launched Ulimasao Bilingual Educator Group Blog Post
29 Oct TeachMeetNZ shared on TeachMeet Mackay Australia Via Google Hangout
30 Oct Complete my chapter on Innovative Learning Blog Post
31 Oct Curate and publish EdbookNZ EdBookNZ Educator book
31 Oct Curate reflections from EdBookNZ project Ongoing

Last year I curated October, since it is Connected Educator month. Therefore I was able to anticipate this month a lot better. But it still was busy.

I am also in the final stages of co-authoring a book with Pam Hook and I am really excited. I wrote down a book goal nearly 6 years ago.

Screenshot 2015-11-08 at 20.38.13

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