My space

Why is my space set up like this?


Well I have written before about my own personal space and the challenges it can have on my collegues.

So I have been thinking about Nathaniel’s #EdBlogNZ challenge for February. Thank goodness for leap years as I send this live on the last day of February.

I thought I would share my office space as it currently is.


On my door I have a fabulous excuse of a poster which say’ sorry about the mess but we are learning in here’. Personally I do not excuse my mess. Especially now when I know genius like Albert and Steve have a similar looking space. That is my research to back up my current space.

Anyway, some smart staff cookie took the micky and added to my poster saying I ‘have achieved above standard‘ only to have another extra smart staff cookie add with “ learning to make a mess”.

Obviously they are no longer as cautious of my bark, like they used to be.


This week my space is cramped because more chromes arrived on Friday. I have ESOL data overdue to my principal, we have had camp and swimming so like all of you, this week has left me a little jaded. However the children are super excited and some staff are chomping at the bit and being extra nice as they are all hoping for a bite of that chrome cherry. Soon the new learning tools will be distributed according to our overall plan.


On the bright side I am extra proud of my SOLO Taxonomy wall for reading comprehension. I am really excited during the learning sessions. You can read about that here.  I am also super excited to receive the draft copy of Pam Hook and my book for final reading before it is published.

Just a shout out here to the awesome as Gerard. I love the video clip he created about his school.

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