Book Creator

I have been using book creator on and off for a few years since @Allanahk introduced me to it. This year I began using it again but instead of an app on an iPad, I have been using it on chrome and absolutely love the new features.

Last term I worked with the year 3 students at our school and wanted to publish their science learning into a book. Which I did. Here is the link to see all the science books collated together as one large book.

I really like book creator because of the way I can control how the book looks.

My favourite part of book creator is being able to use it with my learners. This term I have a writing project and book creator is at the centre. I think it is the ideal tool to showcase the children’s writing.

As I investigated more about the tool, I found out that Book Creator headquarters is in Bristol, England. You can find out more about them here on their linked in page.

Follow them on twitter: @BookCreatorApp.

Join the Book Creator Teachers on Facebook.

In New Zealand we already have several Book Creator ambassadors. 

@barbs1 @sharpjacqui @Jordan_priestle @BeLchick1 @naketanz @flexie @ShareWithUsEDU

Some of the new features I like about Book creator include 

  • integration with other apps such as Flip Grid. 
  • the new drawing tool and I love the paint bucket.

When I started using the book templates I really like the landscape comic one because I can make the contents interesting.

Book creator utilises many elements and the ability to order images, texts and other visuals is exciting. All elements can also be locked and unlocked.

This is where I believe the true power of Book Creator lies. The ability to co-construct a book.

I look forward to sharing more with you about Book Creator.

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