Stockton University

Over the past few days I noticed a surge in twitter followers.  As in previous years I spotted they appeared to be coming from Stockton University. Today when I followed a group, one immediately responded with

I was then able to direct message Mason and ask, how come I was being followed by students from the university.

Here was his response: “Hi! There is a class where we are learning how to create PLN and other global learning techniques! I also believe your Twitter header is in our textbook and your page is a great one to follow!”

I asked for a screen shot of the page and straight away, it was the entry from ‘The Global Educator’ by @JulieLindsay

Aw such a small world. 

Mason shared the hashtag they were tweeting with #GEN2108

So of course I responded with a shout out.

To be honest, the discussion made my day. This past year, I have been feeling a tad disconnected from twitter especially after losing wikispaces. This past month I had felt really disconnected when I received the youtube message that I am no longer able to live stream a Google Hangout. So yes tools come and go, but human connections is what helps keep us grounded. 

And Mason, @masonstockedu thanks for reminding me about acknowledging when I get followers. Good luck with your studies and tag me when you blog.

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