Stockton University

Over the past few days I noticed a surge in twitter followers.  As in previous years I spotted they appeared to be coming from Stockton University. Today when I followed a group, one immediately responded with

I was then able to direct message Mason and ask, how come I was being followed by students from the university.

Here was his response: “Hi! There is a class where we are learning how to create PLN and other global learning techniques! I also believe your Twitter header is in our textbook and your page is a great one to follow!”

I asked for a screen shot of the page and straight away, it was the entry from ‘The Global Educator’ by @JulieLindsay

Aw such a small world. 

Mason shared the hashtag they were tweeting with #GEN2108

So of course I responded with a shout out.

To be honest, the discussion made my day. This past year, I have been feeling a tad disconnected from twitter especially after losing wikispaces. This past month I had felt really disconnected when I received the youtube message that I am no longer able to live stream a Google Hangout. So yes tools come and go, but human connections is what helps keep us grounded. 

And Mason, @masonstockedu thanks for reminding me about acknowledging when I get followers. Good luck with your studies and tag me when you blog.

One thought on “Stockton University

  1. Hello, I am also a student at Stockton University. We have had a very full semester of learning about global education, and it has been so valuable to be able to communicate with professionals in the field. Thank you for being so kind and responding to everyone, and thank you for your amazing blog! I am excited to delve deeper and to learn more ways to lead a classroom. I especially liked your blog post in which your students illustrated a book; I would love to learn how to help my students do that.

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