Practising Teacher Criteria

This page outlines the New Zealand Practising Teacher Criteria.

In addition you can read more about the criteria by visiting the New Zealand Practising Teacher Criteria on TKI.

Teachers and schools can decide how to best make use of this information in relation to their individual contexts.

The New Zealand Teachers Council and the Ministry of Education have published a document that allows -Cultural Competencies for Teachers of Māori Learners. This allows teachers to learn more about how to support Maori learners in their class and they can align the two documents.

I will identify how my current practice relates to the criteria in order to record as part of my blog reflections. I can use the criteria  to see how other educators incorporate learning in relation to the criteria in order to develop their own practice and set goals. By tagging my posts I can identify the Registered Teacher Criteria that require further reflection and input.

Tags for Practising Teacher Criteria

I do give a shout out to @traintheteacher who has been tagging her posts since the beginning of time but it has taken me a while to process the information.

A special shout out to @ginnynz01 who through discussion has clarified this next step on my professional reflective journey.

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