I have had this blog spot for a while. So now will use it for my thinking and to reflect on readings.
I have been dabbling in web 2 tools for nearly a year.
But it was only by attending the Unconference at Pt England School that I was able to clarify my thinking and how I would use these tools.

My wiki will be used as my central system from where all my other learning will come from.

I am sad to say that Ulimasao was originally created for the Ulimasao Bilingual Educators as an association for Bilingual teachers to come together and be supported in what is sometimes incredibly lonely work.

Ulimasao came from the Samoa legend of Nafanua. I would like to think that all the volunteer work was not in vain and to let the teachers know that I still have it all saved. I might even place it on the wiki in a dormant way.

I think that if we were together now, we would be able to use the net in a powerful way as together we would create the resources that is so desperately needed when one is a bilingual teacher.

I have created a you tube account too.

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