Teacher Only Day Part A

Below the visuals show how our professional learning day evolved.


First of all Wendy showed us around the school and explained some of the changes that had taken place over the holidays.

Then Roger took us through some sample fitness activities that also developed team spirits.

We had Charlotte Rawcliffe demonstrate the PaCT Tool, Maths Model.


The session was an introduction to the PaCT tool. We were shown how the tool can give a clearer idea of identifying where the children at at with mathematics.
We had a session with Belinda who explained to us how to teach empathy.
She had curated a range of sites for us to look through.
Then Ginny and Eileen took us through the expectations for our school.
I spoke about citizenship and had the teachers contribute their ideas via a padlet.
After lunch, we had Erica Soman from Fine Young Artists teach us a workshop about colour.
Workshop Two: Discover Colour

We learnt about mixing colours using chalk pastels. Then we drew a cube and used colour to accentuate depth, use of light and the horizon line.

I enjoy teaching art and I hope to have the opportunity to use the chromes or iPads for creating art.

Probably the highlight for me today was learning with an amazing group of people.

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