Wahine Toa


I was having a recent chat with one of my favourite online educators Marnel, @1MvdS .

She asked me what my goals were for 2018. 

Each year I set goals for myself. Each year I reflect on my progress.

Personal Goal

This year I have a massive personal goal and that is to be healthy. At this stage I have not consolidated my professional goals. They are still coming.

I visited our family doctor during the holidays and he gave me a good kick up the rear end. I guess I needed to hear this from a medical perspective. I told him I was walking a regular 10,000 steps a day as I had my fitbit to keep track. He informed me that that was obviously not enough for a woman of my current stature. He pointed out to me that if I kept gaining weight at the speed I have been I would explode when I turned 60.


OK, so first things first I booked into an assessment clinic who works with a weight gym. My doctor told me to get an assessment done and to move from there.

When I think with my SOLO Taxonomy brain I am prestructural on my health because I need to be told what to do.

So it has been nearly a month since I began. I have been an average of three times each week. Yes I am doing weights and love the strength training. I am also doing cardio and hate that part of my training.  I have prioritised my week to get it done and at this stage am only there because I have to be and am accountable to my doctor who is checking my progress in 3 months.

excuse (2)

I am learning to say no to others as my health is more important than being of service at this stage. I have been thinking about my energy being a half empty glass and trying hard to focus on that glass being refillable by changing entrenched habits.

So where to next? You will hear me mutter about having to go to the gym, You will hear me complain about finding long lost muscles. You might see me shelving the cheese and crackers for apples and water in our staff room. (Sometimes). However be supportive and be like my fabulous weight training instructors who encourage me, always greet me and address me by name and continually adjust my training so that the workout fits me perfectly.


3 thoughts on “Wahine Toa

    • Well done Sonya for putting yourself first for a change ! I enjoyed redaing your story ! Looking forward to reading more of your personal health journey ! Alofa tele atu !

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