Weight loss versus muscle gains equals empathy.


Those of you laughing with me and know me well will know I have put my goal out there in regards to my health.

So at this stage there is not much shift on the weight dial. But I am fine with that. I am lifting heavier weights and my cardio workout is at that stage where I can understand the dials of the treadmill, bike and rowing machine and I can now kind of concentrate on form.

I have not yet learnt to love cardio but look on it as a real workout. I still love the weights and will do that over cardio any day.

So today I set a goal to do a complete cardio workout. I completed the bike and treadmill reps but did not quite complete the rowing reps. However at least I increased on my previous best.


Yesterday I carried out a full weight training session and 2 new machines were added to my regular reps. So today I want to share my reflection about empathy.



As I work out on each machine, I have a coach who comes by, calls me by name and checks in to how I am doing. He or she adjusts my form and encourages me to push myself as far as my body can take it. I know that it is at delicate balance where I take the leap of faith that I can do this that change takes place within my body. I think about myself as a teacher and a coach for others and wonder about the strategies I use with learners to get that same balance so that they can take a leap of faith in their own abilities. I believe that when we are in the same situation as a learner we can empathise so much more with our learners.

So far I am a learner of Chinese so that I can better emphasise with my language learners, I am a learner at the gym so that I can better emphasise with teachers learning digital systems, I am a coaching learner as I am still practicing strategies learnt so that they come more naturally. I am learning how to use Hapara student management system so that I can empathise with our teachers who create workspaces for their learners and understand the amount of learning they go through to manage their students digital learning environments. 

I guess that until we are in a situation that we ourselves find the learning so hard, there is no way we can emphasise with the learners we work with.

This week has been an overflow of learning for me and yet at the same time I feel satisfied that I have achieved a lot.

So like my cardio workout today, I survived the week at school with sweat and a good workout. Both are not perfect and yet I am happy with the outcome. Yes I can do better and yes I did not achieve 💯output in both areas but I can see results in both.    

2 thoughts on “Weight loss versus muscle gains equals empathy.

  1. Love this post – maybe I need to get into Hapara too! You are an inspiration! Though not keen on weight lifting! Wendy

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